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Dark Eyed Cajun Woman

By: Tom Johnston

Think back to a time
When I first saw your face
I was walking across the delta
To my cold & lonely place.
I know you took me for a small girl
Really not quite seventeen
But, Lord, you were wrong, so wrong
I'm like a woman you never seen

You cry "Dark eyed Cajun woman,
Where are you coming from?"
My soul is in the back woods
They say I've never had a home
Now if you'd like to know me better
It might take all night & day
But from this dark eyed Cajun woman
You'll never get away.

Now the evening breeze is blowin'
Voices echo everywhere
My cold, black eyes
they're dancing in the starlight

Warmin' the cold night air
It's so beautiful, you know I have to say
"From this dark eyed Cajun woman
You'll never get away."


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